We provide industry-leading creative support to express your brand or company's philosophy in an impactful, compliant and sustainable way. The campaigns we build with best in class products, nationwide sourcing and compliance systems, honour our customers' brand, social and environmental commitments.


Made to order

Special requests, bespoke products, something unique.

Our Special Order service is here to serve you with amazing custom merchandise whether you need inspiration or already have a clear vision of what you need, we're experts in creating unique products to help you make lasting impressions.

• Project start.
We' ll discuss your project to understand what you need to achieve, and how we can support. Get in touch and let's begin!

• Product proposal.
Our team will put together creative, on-brief and on-brand product recommendations.

• Client approval.
We'll discuss the proposal and the options available, confirming your choices and tweaking where required.

• Production.
Your products enter production following final approval of the design.

• Inspection & fulfilment.
Your products come into one of our warehouses where we inspect them, and provide fulfilment where required.

• Products dispatched.
Following account team approval, we'll send your order out to your designated delivery location.


E-store development & management solutions

Ideal for larger organisations with numerous merchandise buyers such as dealerships, franchises, affiliates, offices or different departments (eg. marketing / HR / procurement). Cuts out repetitive work across multiple locations, ensures brand consistency across all merchandise your company orders, makes it easy for all stakeholders to purchase branded items with speedy delivery times.

Sourcing & Buying

Our dedicated buying team draws upon an extensive database of audited factories across China, ensuring we select the most appropriate source for each product from a quality, design and logistics perspective. Our team supports with sourcing, QA, inspections and compliance audits.
Social, environmental & product safety compliance to ensure safety, social and environmental standards are met, we work diligently with our suppliers and factories to meet your code of conduct as well as ours. Our local offices ensure consistent compliance program that upholds local and international regulations. We have a responsibility to do what's right for our customers and for our society. Your reputation depends on it, and so does ours.

Inventory Management

Through a network of warehouse & fulfilment hubs across China, we offer comprehensive storage, packing and distribution services.
With real-time inventory management systems, we make forecasting and planning to improve customer experience.
Robust goods inspection sustains quality control and extra services such as co-packing means everything can be handled under one roof.
With those hubs across China, we can hold stock where it's needed to enable customers to get the products they need promptly and cost effectively.

Goods Delivery

• Efficient Promotions delivers millions of products to customers every year.
• We can help ensure your cargo is shipped expediently and efficiently, saving you time and money.
• Our in-house logistics department is expert in managing all necessary customs and duties requirements to ensure consignments meet local import legislation, selecting the most suitable and cost-effective delivery service on an order by order basis.  On time. On budget.