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John Deere is one of the world's leading companies and best known brands in agriculture and construction machineries.

John Deere's products have been extensively used all over the world. In addition, John Deere's branded merchandise are very popular among its consumers. In the year of 2012, John Deere's tractor model was presented as VIP gift to the leader of People's Republic of China.

And when John Deere needed a reliable partner to supply branded merchandise they turned to Efficient Promotions for innovative products that support and promote the John Deere name.

John Deere requirements are four basic goals:
1.Create an innovative and environmentally sound sourcing strategy that lived up to John Deere's famous emphasis on best quality and innovation.
2.Manage the John Deere physical store, and bring John Deere branded products to the public.
3.Create and manage corporate sales and use of John Deere merchandise, including responding to ad hoc special product enquirers from John Deere's marketing department.
4.Facilitate John Deere employees and distributors own purchases of John Deere merchandise.
Creativity, innovation, environmentally and socially conscious supply chain management and sourcing. These are what Efficient Promotions brings to its clients. And these capability are what led John Deere to chose Efficient Promotions as it's merchandise partner.


When John Deere turned to Efficient Promotions, it needed not only ethically sourced quality products, but also an online platform for orders from all channels, and one with both the robustness and appeal to live up to the John Deere name. The new John Deere branded merchandise eStore has 3 separate entrances to be integrated in a single page and allows John Deere's employees, distributors and fans to buy.


The APAC countries reach and appeal of the brands sets out a challenge in balancing the need for product diversity and volume with commercial viability. Efficient Promotions met this challenge with careful inventory monitoring and management, developing product ranges varied enough to stimulate sales growth and consumer interest, while always protecting John Deere's return on investment.
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