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For many, the giant of information technology has turned to Efficient Promotions to meet their branded merchandise needs.
IBM is the world's leading information technology solutions company. IBM partnered with Efficient Promotions in 2006, after deciding that Efficient Promotions was perfect to deliver high quality, ethically sourced, and competitively priced branded merchandise in support of IBM Asia-wide marketing objectives.
Efficient Promotions supports IBM through a customized eStore, accessible across Asia markets, carrying products that appeal to IBM's customers and employees alike, as well as by collaboration with IBM's corporate sponsorship programs.

Efficient Promotions fulfills orders for the IBM Logo Merchandise eStore which stocks 150 product lines, and ships to over 10 different Asian countries. All of the orders are serviced from stock at Efficient Promotion's warehouse and fulfillment center.

Efficient Promotions provides ongoing merchandise updates and new products for the IBM logo merchandise lines. Many are unique to these markets where IBM has extensive operations.
Efficient Promotions delivers products that reflect and promote IBM's brand, reflect IBM's core values, and meet IBM's corporate guidelines.
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